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Idadi ya bet lazima iwe kutoka 2 hadi 50

Hatukati kodi kwa mkeka uliochezwa kwa Bonus Money

Mkeka wako uko tupu, fanya chaguo kuanza kucheza

Chagua mechi [[tboostSelections()]] nyingi zenye odd [[minTboostOdds]] au zaidi ili upate 3% ushindi zaidi.

Hongera! Options zako [[selectionsNumber]] ulizo chagua utapata boost ya asilimia [[getBoost(0)]]% kwenye ushindi wako. Ongeza option nyingine na upate asilimia [[getBoost(1)]]% kwenye ushindi wako!

Ongeza option nyingine na upate asilimia [[getBoost(1)]]% kwenye ushindi wako!

Odd zako zote zinatakiwa kuwa [[minTboostOdds]] au zaidi ili kupata [[getBoost(0)]]% ushindi zaidi.

Kiwango cha kubet lazima kianzie [[getMinBetAmount()]] mpaka Tsh. 200,000
Chaguo lako inabidi iwe na odds [[ oddsRestriction ]] au zaidi
ya hio ili kuweka bashiri yako
Chaguo lako inabidi iwe na odds 3.0 au zaidi
ya hio ili kuweka bashiri yako

Kama unataka kuweka bashiri yako, tumia salio lako
la kwenye pochi yako, bonyeza hapa ili kubadili njia ya malipo.

Who we are

TBet is a company incorporated under the laws of Tanzania, and licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania, for the purpose of conveniently providing easy access and interaction to Sports Betting services to the entire country via Mobile and any other Networks.

TBet offers Sports Betting service that covers all Major Football Leagues including Best African, European Leagues and most common ones around the world to ensure the availability of an extensive variety to our clients and to add to the thrill of following the nation’s favourite sport, with the added value of easy payments and fast winnings collections to our customers.

Be sure to check out our range of bet types too, from match winner result, handicaps, most liked Over/Under bets to specific bets like half with most goals, correct score and much more, we have more than 30 markets to play!

Whether you prefer to place your bets on any of our platforms, we welcome you and hope that you enjoy our features, but above all you should have fun!

What our core values are

At TBet we are focused on our core values:

How can you reach us or where you can find our offices?

You can reach us through email info@tbet.co.tz or you can chat with us at facebook.com/TBetSportsTanzania